Vacuum Dewatered Flooring

VDF Flooring also recognized as Vacuum Dewatered Flooring is a unique type of Flooring Technique to attain Longer Life, Better Finish, High Strength, and Faster Work. This type of floor is appropriate for high abrasion & heavy traffic movement.
The Vacuum Dewatered Flooring or VDF Flooring is a system for laying high excellence concrete floors where the key is Dewatering of Concrete by Vacuum Process in which surplus water from the concrete is removed at once after placing and vibration, thus reducing the water: cement ratio to the optimum level.

  • What are the Benefits of VDF Flooring?

    1. Increased Compressive Strength
    2. Increased Tensile Strength
    3. Increased Abrasion Resistance
    4. Minimum Shrinkage & Floor Wraps
    5. Decreased Cement Consumption
  • What are the Typical Application Areas of VDF Flooring?

    1. Warehouses, Godowns
    2. Roads, Sports Courts
    3. Cellars, Parking Areas
    4. Production Areas,
    5. Pharmaceutical Companies
    6. As the base floor for Epoxy & PU Floorings