About Us

Nowadays the outlooks to Industrial Floorings have gone up presenting distinctive challenges. A factory or an industrial workspace is subject to high volumes of Machinery, foot or vehicular traffic and extraordinary temperatures, which need Expert Consultation and specialized Analysis from the part of the Structural Designers.
This is where we stand out and above in this sector with its Flooring Expertise ensuring that your floorings are skilled of meeting these high difficulty and you get the value for your investment.
As a result of staying focused on, our customers and their needs – from works to services and support, we are rising as the most consistent applicator in our domain of VDF Flooring (Vacuum Dewatered Flooring or Tremix Flooring), Epoxy Flooring, Concrete Polishing, Laser Screening, Groove Cutting, and Concrete Dust Treatment. We have built our repute by maintaining a high level of client Satisfaction through performing the highest excellence work within the stipulated time and providing the most pioneering solutions on a broad range of demanding and high profile projects.
We deliver superiority flooring with International Standard at a reasonable Investment addressing all these rigorous requirements of the Concrete Flooring Industry with our several years of attachment and Expertise in this segment.